Our History

Washington International Church (WIC) was started in 1991 by Pastor David Wong and his wife, Nancy, as a church plant of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) to reach internationals in the Washington, D.C. area. Since then, people from over 120 different countries have found a supportive community at WIC. 

Our congregation is known for being warm, welcoming, accepting, and diverse, encompassing a broad range of ethnic backgrounds and age groups. Most of our congregation is from another country or has a connection to the international community. We'd love to get to know you, too!

Our Beliefs and Values

The Trinity
We believe God, our Creator, loves and pursues a relationship with us as Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.
Therefore, we will love God and help others connect with Him.

The Father
We believe God, the perfect and just Father, loves, provides for, and is willing to forgive us. 
Therefore, we will love, care for, and forgive others.

The Son
We believe Jesus, our Savior, is the only way to overcome the barriers preventing an intimate relationship with God.
Therefore, we will live lives that point to Jesus and tell others about Him.

The Holy Spirit
We believe God's Spirit, our Helper, lives within all who believe - teaching, empowering and transforming us.
Therefore we will daily embrace His work in our lives and partner with Him to advance God's plans.

We believe people alienate themselves from God when they ignore Him and choose self-centered lives.
Therefore, we will seek opportunities to share God's offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

The Bible
We believe God speaks through the Bible, transforming us by revealing Himself and His truth.
Therefore, we will study the Bible to know Him and to apply His truth in our lives.

The Church
We believe Christ charges His followers to be a community that grows in its relationship with God and shares His love.
Therefore, we will be a welcoming family that mirrors Christ and loves one another.

We believe prayer is communicating with God - positively changing our lives and impacting the world.
Therefore, we will commit to incorporating prayer into our lives individually and as a community.

We believe God's character and love move us to give Him our praise and devotion.
Therefore, we will commit to lives that proclaim His goodness and celebrate His love.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

To welcome and invite people from every ethnic group into a new life and constantly growing relationship with God through faith in Jesus, so that all obey God by loving Him and each other.

Our Vision:

We will be an international and multicultural family of believers growing in our love for God, excited about serving Him and directed by His Spirit into fruitful ministry that impacts our neighborhood, our city, and our world.

We belong to the Christian & Missionary Alliance, a movement dedicated to bring the good news about Jesus Christ to our neighborhoods and world. Learn more about the C&MA and what we believe.

The Christian & Missionary Alliance